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Rockwall, TX

Big Tex Trailer World is the largest retail utility trailer dealer in the United States.  Our chain consists of 16 retail outlets conveniently located in 7 states offering the highest quality trailers available.   A better selection of Big Tex Trailers, CM Trailers and truck beds, S and H Trailers, Circle J Trailers, Wells Cargo Trailers can’t be found in one location!   We also sell and install CM Truck Beds. Check with us first for the ultimate in high performance trailers that include gooseneck, heavy and light equipment trailers, used trailers, trash, flatbed utility, cargo, bobcat, concession, skid steer,  horse, tagalong, livestock,  construction, lowboy, landscape, car/race, bumper pull, enclosed, haz-mat (hazardous materials), hurricane cleanup, motorcycle/ATV, golf cart, dump, aluminum horse & stock trailers with full living quarters, and Pre-Owned Trailers.
Service. Parts. Repair.

A trailer for every need! 
Come find what you’re looking for today.

Trailers are What We Do!

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Big Tex Trailer World
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75455

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